Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is by far one of the most interesting places on earth. There is so much to do, see, play with, and eat in Las Vegas. The nightlife, the lights, and the glitz and glamour all play a major role in why Las Vegas is so hot! With so many resort casinos in Vegas, there is a competition between them all to get guests in the doors for long days and nights of gambling, drinking, eating, and so much more. Find what you've been looking for in a good time at one of many major resorts on the Las Vegas strip and have a blast in Las Vegas. Get a great deal with Las Vegas show discounts and visit one of many venues which include live theatrical performances, magic shows, and live music and much more. The novel feel of everything in Las Vegas makes it great for a little trip. You may get lucky on the strip, but don't have too much fun, or you could wind up with your pockets turned inside out bumming a ride home from someone. Try your luck in one of the most star studded, fun places in the country. Las Vegas, Nevada!

Interesting ghost towns in Nevada

Ghost Towns

Everyone loves a good ghost town, who wouldn't?! I mean, c'mon. Look at all the history there, admire these long time abandoned buildings and wonder what really happened here. Check out old buildings with remnants of what used to be. Maybe you'll find a lost treasure in the dirt somewhere, a belt buckle, a coin, something indicative of a past life that came and went. There is such a mystique to these old, run down towns. Old West enthusiasts will love the ghost towns of Nevada. Tons of pictures could be taken and tons of stories could be told in such a short time. These places, off the grid, could definitely make for a hideaway from life in general. Nothing out there but the today, trapped in the past. It is interesting to stand back and watch the people visit ghost towns because the past and future come together right in front of your eyes. The mystique will live on in your mind for years to come, it may even inspire you to write a story or draw a picture, who knows…

Awesome land surfing on Nevada salt flats

Land Surfing

Enjoy surfing? Enjoy the wind whipping through your hair as you glide across the top of a wave? Enjoy looking down in a tube, to see nothing but light shining from above to the crystal clear waters below? It is truly amazing…but we have a different type of surfing planned for you in Nevada, considering there aren't any oceans around in that area of the Southwest. Land surfing on the Nevada salt flats has got to be one of the most amazing experiences when visiting this beautiful state. Imagine being among several other people, geared up for speed with helmets, thick protective padded jackets, and more all on a huge lot of land that was once a bolstering body of water. These land yachts can travel speeds up to 70 mph or more, considering wind conditions. The sport is actually called Land Yachting or Land Sailing, but Land Surfing sounded so much cooler!

Carson City, Nevada's state capital

Carson City

Carson City, Nevada's state capital, is a bustling modern city with all the amenities a modern state capital should have; however, when looking around the city, one will find its deep history physically evident in just about everything. Carson City was scouted and named after Christopher "Kit" Carson, a brave frontiersman of the mid 1800's. The capital city would go on to be a powerhouse for logging, mining, and the railroad. It is the epitome of everything Southwest and it shows in the façade's of the buildings, the roads that we travel, and the museums and galleries that pepper the historical city. One can find just about anything to do in Carson City from downtown casino nightlife to a rich cultural experience at one of many museums or traditional eateries in the area. Carson City is definitely a cool place to visit and welcomes people from all over the place. The appeal of this state capital is one of inquiry and curiosity. Find out what makes Carson City, Nevada so hot by planning a little visit for yourself. Take a journey to the old frontier and have yourself a rich experience in Carson City, Nevada.